When Should You Go for a WordPress update?

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wordpress update

WordPress update is quite important as it brings new features and makes the blog secure from various type of attacks. But a latest update can break your website functionality too. So, when you should of for an update and when you should avoid it. Let’s explore this up gradation process in detail below.

What is a WordPress Update?

WordPress is indeed one of the crucial parts of many businesses. There are multiple organizations which have built their website on WordPress as it is super easy and simple to use. However. Just like any other technology platform WordPress also goes through its own updates. An update offers…

  • Major fixes of bugs.
  • Solve the compatibility issue with plugins & themes.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Latest security fixes.
  • UI/UX improvement.

Whenever a new update rules out, experts tend to get several updates about the security or if it is safe for their website or no. Well, if you have such doubts, you must consider reading this blog as we have covered all doubts for you.

wordpress update

Should You go for WordPress Update or Avoid it?

WordPress CMS is available for free. It is developed by the best of the developers. With almost all the new WordPress update releases, these experts fix bugs, add some new features, and it also aims to improve performance besides staying up to date with the latest industry standards.

Hence, if you are wondering whether you should go for the WordPress update then you should consider some key details. So before updating wordpress on your blog you should check for few things, which are:

  1. Check the current installed version of Wordpress. It should be older than 9 months!
  2. Check for the plugins and theme version too if there are a lot of pending updates – avoid the installation for now.
  3. For WooCommerce, again if the version is too old – skip the update process.

Here I mean if the blog is too old then you should avoid the WordPress update. As for now the 1-click-upgrade might break your website and you may lose a lot of visitors. This would be like a nightmare for you.

So here you need a different kind of approach and how you can deal with this? Have a look at some key scenario below and later update the blog with latest security for free!

How to Update Wordpress without Breaking the site?

Well if the blog is too old then you have to wait and think. You have to arrange some key things and later once they are ready you go for an update. Let’s see what things you should keep while doing WordPress latest update.

#1. Create Backup

You should take the backup using All-one-migration plugin or any other backup plugin. If the backup is too big then open the hosting cPanel and take the backup manually. You should have the backup of /wp-content and db.

#2.  Check for Plugins and Theme

Now check for the plugins and theme. If you have been using licensed plugins or theme then keep the latest copy of these things on your computer. You may need this later to fix the site structure.

#3. Keep the code

If you have some custom code or css on your blog then keep it safe. Most probably this would be the function.php file of your theme. If you know any other file or css, jquery then save these things.

#4. Update Wordpress

Now you have everything. So now you can proceed for WordPress update. This may take some time as your site is too old. If anything breaks they worry not just complete the update process including the plugins and theme update.

#5. Add Custom Code – Optional

If there was a custome code like css, js then add it in your blog. OR if you saved any file the re- upload it in the same location and must check for the function.php file. If any part of the code is missing then add it there.

That’s all!!

This is how a WordPress update works. In case you are unable to fix the update issue then please contact with a WordPress expert on fiverr or upwork. They will check it and resolve your blog issue.

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