How to Secure a Blog Using Free WordPress SSL Certificate?

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WordPress SSL

WordPress SSL make sure that your site is fully secure to use. It builds the trust among visitors and hence Google promotes it in the search results. By using a trusted and valid SSL certificate, you get maximum benefits!

In this WordPress guide, we will let you know, why a SSL is necessary and how you can add a free SSL certificate on your site to make it secure.  Let’s dive in and explore everything about this unique thing below.

WordPress SSL

What Google Thinks About the SSL Certificate?

Are you aware that Google gives all non-SSL websites as Not Secure? It means if you do not use an SSL certificate on the website, there will be a chance of losing the trust of your customers.

Just because this SSL certificate will help you to give protection to your website data, actually it is a requirement to accept online payments.

Generally, the paid SSL certificates are a little bit expensive. If you are making a business website or starting a blog, you usually want to keep the low costs. And fortunately, there various ways for getting a free SSL certificate for reducing the cost of the website.

This blog will give information about the easy process to get a free SSL certificate for word press websites and set it by totally yourself.

So, guys, are you willing to know more about WordPress SSL?

Well guys, if you want to know how it happens then have a look at all details below and see how you can get it for your WordPress blog.

What is the meaning of SSL?

The complete form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. It is such an internet protocol, which secures the data transfer between the browsers of the user and the website they are going through.

Websites need SSL certificates, which have to be issued by a recognized certificate issuing authority. The certificate is highlighted and verified in the browser’s address bar with HTTPS and particular padlock signs instead of HTTP.

How WordPress SSL certificate Works?

SSL protects the information by coding the data transfer between the user’s website and the browser. When a user goes to an SSL website, firstly, the browser will verify if the SSL of the website certificate is valid.

If everything checks perfectly, the browser typically uses the website’s public key to code the data. Then the data sent back to the website, where it has been decrypted by using a secret private key and a public key.

How much WordPress SSL will cost?

Usually, the SSL certificate plans start from $6.85 per year, and it comes with a ten thousand security warranty together with the Trust Logo site seal. After purchasing an SSL certificate, you can inform the hosting provider for installing it for you.

The plan and costing of SSL certificates can be different. It mainly categorized in 3 categories like personal, business, and eCommerce. So, based on what site you have been running you should choose a valid certificate.

But there are some companies who offers a free SSL certificate. Among them Cloudflare is quite popular. You can get WordPress ssl for free and run your site with full trust!

In addition to that, some hosting providers offers free ssl when you buy hosting for 1 year. So, if you want to buy a hosting with ssl + 1 free domain then I would recommend, get it from the Bluehost hosting. You can save a lot of money – This is good for beginners!

How to Get a free SSL certificate for WordPress Website?

Maximum owners are very much reluctant for using SSL just for the additional cost.  Just for the significance of a project, quickly it earned the support of significant companies such as Facebook, Google,, Shopify and many other.

The challenge is to install free SSL certificate WordPress by let’s code for the beginner user is a little bit difficult just because it needs the server system knowledge and the coding knowledge.

What after Installing the free SSL certificate?

After enabling your free SSL certificates, you have to set the WordPress for starting the use of HTTPS instead of HTTP in your URLs. By doing this, all HTTP requests will be redirected to HTTPS and you will see a green padlock symbol.

A green padlock symbol indicates that your site is secure and safe to use. This builds trust among the visitors and you may see a boost in website ranking on search results.

In addition to that, if you may experience or see mixed content error in your console then I will recommend you to install really simple WordPress SSL plugin. This will fix all mixed content issue and you will see a secure message in your browser.


We hope that this blog will guide you properly about getting the free SSL certificate for the WordPress site. You can get the step-by-step instructions on the internet also. This will also help you to know about SSL WordPress.

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