5 Twitter Unfollow Tool Who Don’t Follow You

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Twitter Unfollow Tool

Twitter unfollow tool is a fantastic web application for social media marketing that eliminates all weird followers and unfollow those who don’t follow you back.

On Twitter, you can find out who follows you and who follows you simply by going to your Twitter profile. Twitter does not notify non-following accounts promptly. By looking at each user’s profile and heading to their “following” section, people can find out. However, that is a difficult task!

To sort out your problem we have listed 5 best Twitter unfollow tools that will eliminate phony Twitter followers from your profile and unfollow those who do not follow you back.

Twitter Unfollow Tool

5 Twitter Unfollow Tool Who Don’t Follow You

1. UseQwitter

Qwitter is a social media management application designed specifically for twitter follower tracker. It’s a clever Twitter service that alerts you to accounts that don’t follow you back. This is how you get access to this tool. Use the Twitter login icon on the webpage to access your Qwitter account.

Go to the twitter unfollow page and select the option of not following you back. It will provide you with a list of all bogus Twitter accounts that aren’t following you. Select all and unfollow them all at once by checking the box.

2. Crowdfire

Previously, this application was known as Justunfollow, which we believe is the second best free Twitter tool for unfollowing accounts. There are several features in this tool that you could enjoy, such as arranging non-followers accounts by date. However, this will only be valid from the date you add your account to Crowdfire.

Otherwise, Crowdfire will be unable to locate the information of past followers or non-followers. You can only follow or unfollow 25 profiles on the free plan.

3. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter includes several features that we appreciated. This is one of our favorite Twitter tools for unfollowing people who don’t follow us back. Hashtag or account search is one of their features.

Multiple Twitter accounts can be selected and unfollowed in their beta version. We didn’t like the fact that you may pick all accounts at once. It would help if you manually chose them, but you may remove them from your list of followers with a single click.

4. TwitNerd

When it comes to using Twitter, TwitNerd gives you a lot of alternatives. However, an essential feature is the ability to manage other people who are connected to you. This includes both your followers and those that follow you. To sort through accounts that don’t follow you back, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to TwitNerd with your Twitter account and give the program permission to see some of your Twitter data – nothing to be concerned about.
  • This will give you access to the free plan, which is more than enough to identify all users who aren’t following you back. Click Who Doesn’t Follow Me near the top of the page.
  • On the next page, you’ll find a list of accounts that haven’t returned your follow. You may now choose the accounts you want to unfollow individually.
  • To complete the procedure, go to the bottom of the screen and select “Unfollow Selected.”

5. Unfollowerstats

Unfollowerstats, like TwitNerd, provides information on both your followers and those you follow.

  • How many people do you have following you?
  • What’s the total number of individuals you’re following?
  • How many of your followers aren’t returning the favor? And
  • how many of them don’t return the favor?

After you sign onto Unfollowerstats, you may answer all of these questions by looking at the dashboard on the left side of your screen. You can then unfollow twitter who don’t follow you and decide whether or not they should go.

I hope you will get the best Twitter unfollow tool for your personal use from the above given list. If you liked it, then please don’t forget to share it with others!