How to choose best ThemeForest free WordPress themes?

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ThemeForest free WordPress themes

ThemeForest free WordPress themes can be downloaded from with the latest version. You can install them on your site and later upgrade it to premium version to deploy more features.

Many WordPress themes include a plethora of customization possibilities. If not coded correctly, these parameters can make it impossible to change themes or utilize other WordPress plugins. On the other side, specific WordPress themes that appear beautiful can slow down a website.

There are multiple free WordPress themes which are available and which makes it easy for the website designers to make beautiful websites with attractive themes without actually having to do coding.

Slow websites are not accepted by everyone, especially Google, which wants to rank speedier websites higher. The ThemeForest free WordPress themes is the site’s face, and it has a significant impact on how users and search engines view it. After that, let’s look at the measures to ensure that you’re using the ideal theme for your WordPress site.

ThemeForest free WordPress themes

7 Tricks to Choose ThemeForest free WordPress themes

#1. Make an effort to keep things simple

Many WordPress themes have vibrant colours, intricate layouts, and spectacular animations, among other features. Sometimes you’ll need such items, but most of the time, you won’t. Look for a theme with a design layout that aids in the achievement of the aim. It should be attractive, but not at the expense of utility and simplicity.

Make sure the presentation style of the theme isn’t overly convoluted. The goal of web design is to help visitors discover the information they need while also assisting site owners in achieving their objectives.

#2. Browser compatibility

Users will use a variety of browsers. The theme may appear perfect in the browser you’re using, but something may be broken in other browsers. Browser compatibility comes into play here. Best WordPress themes, developers use advanced browser compatibility testing tools to evaluate their themes thoroughly.

#3. Multilingual and translation-ready

A considerable percentage of WordPress sites are not in English. You may be developing a website in a language other than English. Have you considered making a multilingual WordPress site in the future? Make sure the WordPress themes for sale can be translated and that multilingual WordPress plugins are supported.

#4. When you need assistance, there are several resources available to you

One disadvantage of using a free WordPress theme is that no support is promised. While some developers offer good support for their free themes, the majority of free themes do not. You’ll have to figure it out on your own if you mess up the WordPress theme. You can also find up disbursing a third-party developer to fix minor issues.

#5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendliness

The WordPress theme is critical to the site’s SEO friendliness. Even if a theme looks nice, it might still output poorly constructed HTML, which can hurt the site’s search engine rankings. Beginners may find it challenging to analyses a theme’s source code on their own. As an outcome, numerous premium WordPress theme developers will state that their sites are SEO-friendly.

#6. Reviews and Ratings

The ratings and reviews left by users are other good indicators of a WordPress theme’s quality. Look at user reviews if the theme is sold on a third-party marketplace.

The rating area for free WordPress themes may be found just below the download free WordPress themes button. The number of reviews and stars supplied by users will be displayed.

#7. Look for a Speedy/Fast Loading Theme

Always prefer a light-weight theme for your WordPress website. A light weight theme speed up WordPress performance, it loads fast and everything appears in mile seconds.  So it is better for new business website go for fast loading template with basic features and avoid too much animation effects.


There are many free WordPress themes to choose from, with new ones appearing daily. That’s why we update our showcase section with a list of our favorites free themes regularly.

So what’s your thought on ThemeForest free WordPress themes?

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