Speed up WordPress Performance with 5 latest tricks

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speed up wordpress performance

Want to speed up WordPress performance to get good rankings? Don’t skip these steps we are going to share with you.

When business users adopt WordPress platform to promote their products through websites, the performance of the website does play a massive role to rank good in the eye of Google.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss about the tips and tricks you can follow to speed up the WordPress performance.

Google has provided a free tool called PageSpeed Insights to analyze the performance of a site by analyzing file structure and page load speed. This free tool gives your site at least two-speed scores of at least 100 and one for mobile while other for desktop.

The sites with good score i.e. more than 90 are good in speed as well as in structure according to PageSpeed Insights. But if the site score is less than 60, the site need a restructuring with new theme or files structure.

Normally, you can get suggestion from PageSpeed Insights directly but that will be more technical for you.

So, to reduce your stress, we will share some fantastic tips or tricks that will help you speed up WordPress.

What is the importance of Google’s PageSpeed Insights?

Google provided this tool for the webmasters to analyze sites and find and resolve the issues effecting the site performance and speed.

The idea is to show the webmasters and website owners what Google is checking in your site and what are the issues the site has effecting the rankings.

It is vital to have a quick-loading website, especially in this tech-oriented world. It is mainly because the users tend to be impatient and tend to exit the site if it takes a long time to load.

That means if your site is relatively slow, you tend to lose web traffic. Considering the same, speed is most likely to impact how your visitors interact with your site.

It is important to speed up your WordPress website in order to rank high and get more sales.

Ways to Speed up WordPress Performance

Here we laid down the prominent ways of how the speed of the Google Page can be improved. When you consider these measures and update the site accordingly, more than 90% chances are there that your site will get a good ranking jump.

Following are some factors you can check to increase speed of WordPress websites.

Optimize images

Images are the most common reason of slow page load because the server takes time to load the images from the server and if there are multiple images and have big size, there will be slowness in loading page. It is important to use images of less size to load fast. You can use plugins like Smush to compress images in your blog or website. Use optimized images or you can also go with lazy loading to load images after page load.

Allow caching

Caching is like storing the results in client’s system to load fast with out hitting the server. This will increase the speed of loading a page and also less server hits. Best to use cache plugins like W3 Total Cache etc. Caching is important to make sure that if there are some changes in the page, the system must refresh the data from server. This one thing you have to take care of in settings.

Think mobile-first

When it comes to WordPress performance, you need to consider mobile-first. It is mainly because Google uses mobile versions of the site to enhance the rankings. Moreover, it is one of the easiest ways to ensure fast mobile loading as you can get some themes also. Make your sites mobile friendly. Check the theme you are using and make sure use less plugins in mobile version.

Enable GZIP compression

You can quickly transfer your sites with GZIP compression your site’s file can be moved in no time. In addition, the process makes it simple for browsers to retrieve and load your data.

Update your plugins

Plugins can reduce the site’s speed in several ways, and poorly designed plugins, outdated software or surplus, or even duplicate plugins tend to contribute to the slow loading of your site. However, you must remember that it isn’t about plugin quantity that ideally causes the speed issue.


Google has provided several ways to site owners and webmasters to check the site issues and speed up WordPress performance to get good rankings. As a business owner or digital marketer, you must focus on customer’s interaction to the site and good performing sites are the one comes in the eyes of customers and get good ranking.

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