How to use Gtmetrix for WordPress for Optimization Opportunities

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Gtmetrix is a great tool for the web developers for the website optimization. This tool inspects your site webpage and let you know what you can do to make it faster as compare to other websites. This is like google page speed checker which quite famous for mobile and desktop website speed optimization.

When it comes to websites, they act as the first impression and we surely would not want the first impression to go bad. Also, websites are one of the prominent ways of how the target audience actually interacts with the brand, be it a product or a service. Hence, in such a case business owner are always looking out for ways for optimizing their opportunities on WordPress and one of the ways is to use Gtmetrix.

You are indeed on the right page if you want to learn how to use GTmetrix to test your WordPress site’s speed. Several WordPress sites tend to be relatively slow due to many factors like slow web hosting or important image files. So here, you can learn about Gtmetrix for WordPress.


What is Gtmetrix?

Ideally, Gtmetrix is a website check tool that allows you to see how fast your site can load. Website speed can be loaded in no time, and it is essential because people have short attention time. As per experts, a one-second delay on more significant sites, including Amazon, tends to lead to a 7% loss in conversions or 11% lesser page reviews. So, the Gtmetrix gives you a glance about what is slowing down your site and why and it also gives you suggestions about how you can improve the speed.

Setting of the GTmetrix Plugin in WordPress

Firstly, you need to install and run your GTmetrix WordPress plugin. If you are unsure of doing this, you need to learn how to install it. After activation, your plugin will add a new menu known as GTmetrix’ in the WordPress admin sidebar, and you need to access it.

When you click on this page, you would be asked to give your GTmetrix account email besides API keys. You can also create a free account to get your API keys, and the API account will offer limited requests per day. But if you are using this on-site, there are chances you would be running out of credits. So, all you need to do is head to the GTmetrix and sign up by choosing an account.

GTmetirx  performance test results

GTmetirx tends to give you a complete breakdown of your performance for the page you want to test. It mainly uses GoogleSpeed besides Yslow performance tests to score the page’s load and show the overall summary of the test. If you get anything below A, you must know that there is some room for improvement, but that doesn’t mean your website is terrible temporarily.

To learn more about your score, you must click on the detailed score report, which would open an URL on your site. The information will give you a clear understanding of your page speed score besides a list of recommendations to improve the same or what you can do to adjust it well.

It is given in various tabs as. First, you would have to check out the score of the page speed via various listed ranking items along with their scope. The green things aren’t likely to be great and will not require any further attention. Red items tend to show down their website and need more investigation.

Above all, the Gtmetrix page speed check will show you a lot of information, but you need to compare all the results using alternate site speed check tools. For example, if your site shows some low scores and then goes through some details, each item will be seen.

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