Should you buy GoDaddy WordPress hosting with GoDaddy domain?

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godaddy wordpress

Wordpress is quite popular among bloggers. So, if have been planning to start a vlog or blog the should you buy goDaddy wordpress hosting with free goDaddy domain? Well check out about this below as we have covered some facts for you!

GoDaddy is quite famous for selling domains. If you are someone who is planning to have their own websites and looking for a domain, then indeed GoDaddy is considered to be one of the best domains. At present they also offer hosting to users at an affordable rate!

Now the question would be that is GoDaddy WordPress hosting really worth it? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Here we are going to discuss about the WordPress hosting with the GoDaddy domain. Should you buy it or not?

godaddy wordpress

Is GoDaddy WordPress hosting Worth Buying?

No doubt, Godaddy offers several plans customized to the most popular content management systems on your web.  You can indeed be successful on your site if you use all the features available with Godaddy.

Godaddy indeed boasts several features when it comes to hosting, and it offers some shared plans, including virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated options, and undoubtedly WordPress-specific offerings.

The Best and Basic features of goDaddy Wordpress hosting are:

  • SFTP access to your server
  • Out-of-the-box integration with a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Automatic WordPress core updates
  • Accessible business email and domain for one year
  • Daily malware scans with Sucuri
  • Automatic backups with one-click restore

It is undoubtedly a decent feature, but there isn’t anything out of the box than other hosts. But suppose you are looking for some unique features. In that case, you must go for the Ultimate plan without any second thoughts as it offers several additional features like complete malware removal or hack repair and, of course, the one-click staging.

The best part is that the E-commerce plan also provides free access to the premium WooCommerce feature or even extensions. Let’s have a look at some facts why you should buy goDaddy managed Wordpress for your websites…

#1. Performance

Ideally, performance is one of the most vital considerations when choosing a web hosting plan if your server tends to be sub-par the website optimization.

CDN integration- Almost all the plans under Godaddy are provided outside the box featuring CDN integration for the best possible speed.

#2. Load balanced

Godaddy’s servers are pretty optimized, especially for WordPress. Additionally, one needs to be prepared for WordPress as they need to handle some traffic spikes which are likely to crash a site otherwise.

#3. 99% of uptime guarantee

The feature offers an ultimate uptime guarantee considering its contracts which allows clients to request some account credits in at least 5% of their bill monthly, but it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Like all the basic GoDaddy hosting features, the WordPress plan stands as incredibly unique or better than other providers in the market.

#4. Basic load testing with load impact

To quote shortly, typical performance tests tend to paint only the half picture, but even if you get some stellar results after some consecutive run which doesn’t tell how the server will fare if it tends to face an influx suddenly.

#5. Uptime with hosting monitor

It is crucial to have your site’s server up and also run it. This is because you might miss out on some vital ad income if your server is down. But that’s not the case with GoDaddy-managed WordPress, as Godaddy claims to guarantee at least 99% uptime.

#6. Free Domain

GoDaddy WordPress offers a free domain for 1 year if you buy its 1-year plan. You can buy a commercial .com, org, .net domain on this site with fast hosting without paying any extra money. This deal is awesome so don’t avoid it!

Do you need to use the cheap GoDaddy WordPress plans?

Yes, it is worth knowing that Godaddy’s shared hosting plan is only one dollar cheap than its other managed plans. Except for the lowest WordPress plan, all the other plans allow you to host several sites at a time, while the WordPress hosting plans give you access to a shared plan.

In a nutshell, these plans promise adequate performance and offer some attractive features also. Now get your hands on GoDaddy hosting, and enjoy all the features which the platform provides.

Well guys that all about the goDaddy Wordpress. If you have been looking for some othe hosting vendor then I would recommend you the go and check out Bluehost hosting plans. Here you can save up to 50% and also get 1 free domain with ssl certification.

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