Bluehost login to WordPress (Install & Setup a Site) – Step by Step Guide!

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bluehost login for wordpress installation

Bluehost login dashboard is packed with a number of tools which you can use to setup a new WordPress blog. So, if you have purchased it and want to learn how to install WordPress on then have a look at below guide!

Websites are one of the most crucial aspects of every business indeed. As we say, first impression is the last impression, websites very much hold a very important place in the life of a business. Although there are multiple logins available to WordPress, hence choosing the right one does become challenging.

Hence, to make it easy for you, here we present to you Bluehost which provides one of the most enhanced experience and it is one of the best and recommend hosting platforms among the developers and bloggers.

bluehost login for wordpress installation

Bluehost Login to Install WordPress – Step by Step Guide

If you are willing to create a new site, you need to first buy the hosting for your website. Experts mainly recommend using BlueHost primarily because of its low prices, features and tools, and of course, beginner-friendly site experience. Under this guide, you can learn about Bluehost login and see how to setup a blog.

Tips for signing up for Bluehost WordPress

Firstly, you need to choose a hosting plan which aligns with your needs. A 1-year hosting plan comes with a free domain. Here are some of hosting options that offered by Bluehost company.

  • WordPress Hosting – Recommend
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

#1. Choose an Affordable Plan

You need to choose a cheap plan if you don’t know which method is ideal for you. For a beginner I would recommend you the shared hosting plan. Click here and get 50% off on Bluehost with 1-year domain (absolutely free).

#2. Create a New Domain

It would be best if you created a new domain name. With almost all the Bluehost plans, you can quickly get a free domain name, especially for your first year. Once you select your hosting plan, you can create a new domain to choose your free domain name. You can also type your desired domain name in the domain search, and the Bluehost WordPress will quickly display the available domain extensions.

#3. Its Time for Bluehost Login – Create an Account

Now you need to enter your Bluehost account details where you would be asked to fill out some information to create an account, or you can quickly sign with your Google account to complete the process in no time.

#4. Avoid Add Ons

You need to complete the hosting plan details and check all of them with utmost care. You don’t need to select any add ons if you don’t know which plan you would want currently.

You can also set the number of years you want your project to be under your account plan option. The minimum commitment plan tends to be at least 12 months, but if you have a chance to get more, discounts you can easily commit to multiple years.

#5. Complete Payment

Lastly, one needs to enter their payment details and confirm their order. You need to install WordPress on Bluehost and know that Bluehost offers at least 30 month back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied with your plan or the hosting service you buy, you can always ask for a refund. Bluehost tends to go ahead and set up your new hosting plan besides your domain name. Once that is done, you would get an email with a confirmation of your payment.

Tips for installing WordPress on your Bluehost:

Bluehost login cPanel offers a number of tools. You have to add your domain and then using 1- click installation you have to install WordPress. Let’s see how you can do it!

#1. Add Domain – Optional

Well by default this step you can avoid as you have purchased the domain from Bluehost. But if you have another domain (bought from godaddy, namecheap) that you want to setup then you have to add it on Bluehost hosting account.

  • First add domain on Bluehost
  • Now add/change Bluehost nameservers on that particular domain. Ex: on GoDaddy, NameCheap Account!

#2. Install WordPress

You need to install WordPress on Bluehost once you have purchased your hosting plan. Additionally, this is relatively quick and easy, which helps users to get a user-friendly interface and, of course, the one-click installation option.

You need to firstly log in to the Bluehost and then enter your website information. Then you need to choose the domain name which you chose while creating the account. In short, only install the WordPress for your domain that you added.

This process will take few minutes. Later you can also decide if you wish to install the plugins recommended or not. Lastly, the WordPress will be successfully installed on the site and your blog will be ready.

Besides the pocket-friendly prices, you need to know that Bluehost is quite simple to install as it features a plethora of tools and functionality.  What else you need?

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