Is All in One WP Migration Best for Cloning a WordPress Site?

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All in One WP Migration

During Wordpress update or cloning many people prefer All in one wp migration tool. It is used to create backup which we later use to restore or to clone whole website. So, how’s it and should you use it to clone a website? Let’s find out everything about All-in-one migration plugin below.

What is All-in-One WP Migration?

Cloning or migrating a WordPress site tends to be stressful at times, but it is vital as one needs to move it from staging to production or even test new features. When WordPress technicians used it, they tend to move it to a plugin known as All-in-One WP Migration.

It is a product of servmask which worked terrific on their C panel servers to create some staging environments for their patrons. It would take at least five minutes to do so; it was pretty straightforward. The experts like it because this plugin works very well and quite good during the site up-gradation.

All in One WP Migration

All inOne WP Migration Features & Benefits

All in one WordPress migration plugin has a lot of interesting and value able features. It is quite good to create backup file and works without any issue. Being a web developer, it is very useful during the WordPress blog maintenance and creating a staging environment for clients. Here’re some cool features of All-in-One WP Migration plugin…

  • It is both free and a premium plugin.
  • You can create backup of whole site in just 1 click.
  • Premium version offers all benefits including import.
  • Compatible with all WordPress latest updates.
  • Smartly clones the website without any issue.
  • All can be operated using a CLI – no commands.
  • Customer support also available with premium plan.

Is All in One WP Migration Plugin Good for Cloning a Wordpress Site?

As we have discussed above, servmask offers free and paid version of this migration tool. So if you want to use it to clone wordpress site on different domain (like staging environment), then you have to go for the paid version.

The free version of some plugins allows one to take backups of at least 512MB and will enable them to work with their files. If you want to some other devices, including uploading from various sources, you need to pay to unlock the same. So import is not possible in this version.

It might be weird for paying all the options. Instead, you need to only pay once under such a subscription. If you wish to upload several services automatically, it can be pretty expensive to work. But they do have several options, including splitting up your site, which does wonders for sure.

This plugin works very well. Even I have used it many times to create staging sites or during website migration. This plugin doesn’t create any issue if your file size is under 2GB, but after this you may see some issues.

Migration Tip – Don’t Forget

An easy tip that I want to share with you, if you are planning to migrate your site then always create a fresh backup (delete all outdated/old backup). This will save a lot of space and you won’t get into any big trouble. So here during uploading backup file, the upload process will take only few minutes.

All in One WP Migration Installation, Backup Export and Import


As the plugin is located in your WordPress plugin repository, it was pretty easy to install. You need to add some plugins and search for the same. All you need to do is find the same right away and install it quickly and activate it.

The interface is quite simple as you can see the new icon, which would be created in your sidebar, and it would have at least three options, including export, import, and of course, backups.

Create Backup or Export

They are pretty robust, and you need to have some options to run a search and replace if you wish to, and in an expert’s opinion, the plugin tends to do a fantastic job at replacing your URL. Next, you need to check the ability to choose what you want to export.

These options also include exporting databases or plugins to not even challenging the email domain, which is quite challenging if you wish to clone a site to some subdomain. There are tons of options, but the only one is available in the free version.

You need to pay some fees if you want to export to some other locations. The file option sounds excellent for most migrating purposes.

Import Backup

The import option tends to be relatively quick and straightforward, and here is where you need to import your backup file which you have saved on your computer. The upload will take some time (depends on your internet and file size).

If you have been using this plugin only for maintenance purpose then in case of any miss happening just click on the restore button and all your wordpress backup will be restored.

Reset Permalinks

Once all backup uploads, then login on the admin dashboard and go to settings > permalinks and reset the links. This will fix the 404 issue and your cloned website will work without any issue!

So, guys, that’s all about the All in One WP Migration. This plugin is very helpful and saves a lot of time. But remember if you unable to fail to clone website using this tool, then you have to create the clone manually by taking to /wp-content and db backup.

I hope you got any idea about all on one plugin. If you have any doubt the please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others!

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